Power Cuts

Given the importance of our previous news post on power cuts we have added the post as a web page; a link to which can be found on the advice drop down menu.

UK Power Networks is the company that looks after our electricity supply cables and has to go out and repair them when something goes wrong. They are concerned that people who are vulnerable during a power cut get the help they need. Examples include people who are dependent on electricity for medical equipment such as oxygen, nebulisers, dialysis, sleep apnoea, hoists, stair lifts or have medication that needs to be kept in a fridge. Also, people who have chronic health problems, mobility problems and other disabilities or who are frail.

These people need to join the Priority Customer Register and Ipswich DAB has the registration forms. You can also join by e-mail: prs@ukpowernetworks.co.uk or by telephone: 0800 169 9970